Unusual Hypertufa Planter Sculpture
Certainly glad to post only finishing photos as this project had some messy moments.  The staircase project was inspired by the tired carpeted look we had for a couple of years.  After pulling up the carpet, I had no idea what I'd do for a new look but granted myself unlimited creative license.  I certainly had the energy reserve for it! 

I hand formed all tiles from portland cement and carved out with a dremel tool.  Thank God for Dremel or I'd be finding another hobby real quick!

Grout used was a pre-mixed nutmeg colored tile grout.  After filling in areas with grout, I carefully pressed the pieces in place.  Once dry, I used several layers of semi-gloss sealer to lock it in.

Love my stairway to MOI.   Enjoy!
Unique Unusual Bizzare Staircase
Unique Unusual Bizzare Staircase
Unique Unusual Bizzare Staircase
Unique Unusual Bizzare Staircase
To describe this finishing look would of been difficult for me but once started, I became aware of what I wanted.  I knew what it would look and feel like.

Glad I didn't have to pay anyone to do it but then again, if I could, who'd be crazy enough for hire to do this?  That staircase and I spent quite a bit of time together.  I know a lot more about it now.  Much more than just a pile of steps to somewhere.  This baby is screaming pride and joy. 

Knock yourself out with your own unique and bizzare staircase won't ya!?!

Feel free to contact me with any questions.  Love hearing from others creating one of a kind masterpieces one step at a time.

Randy Stewart
Unique Staircase Project - Stairway to Moi...
Kitty has been fascinated with the new look compared to carpeted steps.  He loves it!
Randy Stewart